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  • About EzASPSite™
  • System Requirements
  • Installation
  • Support
  • EzASPSite Link Removal Info
  • Is there a demo?
  • What's the password
  • When I log in, it goes to your demo site, Why
  • ODBC Drivers error '80004005'
  • Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0131'
  • Creating / Installing a site scheme
  • Site Screen Width
  • Delete A Page
  • Web Wiz Link Removal
  • Security Code Images
  • Upgrading From A Previous Version
  • Page Cannot Be Displayed HTTP 500
  • Page Rank Support
  • Migrate Web Wiz Forum to EzASPSite
  • Type mismatch: 'CDate'
  • Number Of Homepage News Articles
  • The EzASPSite Download
  • Changing Date Format In Calendar
  • Scheme Import Error
  • Could not use '(unknown)'; file already in use
  • New Created Pages Use Another Pages Information

    Q: About EzASPSite™
    So what is this anyway?

    A: "EzASPSite" is a simple to install complete basic ASP WebSite that can be easily adapted to fit your Website needs. It contains all the basics to get your very own ASP driven website up and running in minutes. Powered by the great Web Wiz Forums and GuestBook. It is ideal for anyone who is looking to create a personal or business website. It also can be used as a community portal with a membership capability developed off the Web Wiz Forums core. The integrated html editor makes it easy for those with little html experience to easily design webpages for their site. This is the best way to get started off with your own website and have the capabilities to continually expand from.

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    Q: System Requirements
    What do I need to run this?

    A: EzASPSite™ requires web space on a web server that supports ASP 2.0 or above. Without Microsoft ASP 2.0 or above support you can NOT use this application.
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    Q: Installation
    OK, I've downloaded it. Now what?

    A: 1. Install all the files in their given structure in the root of your site

    2. Go to
    Password = administrator
    Username = letmein

    * - Change Your Site Path And Images Path FIRST! (Very Important!) *
    - Change settings on the site settings page to fit your needs.
    - Hit update button at the bottom of page to save changes

    3. If you would like to rename the pages from page1.asp , page2.asp , etc; then go
    into the folder ../pages/ and locate the page you wish to change and rename the file.
    i.e. page1.asp rename to links.asp or whatever you wish.

    - Note: If you change a page name be sure and update the page path in the site settings!

    4. Images can be stored in the ../forum/scheme/SCHEMENAME/forum_images/ folder for each
    separate scheme.

    5. When changing the color scheme of your site you may also need to change the font's
    and link colors. To do this simply go into the default_style.css file located in the
    ../forum/scheme/SCHEMENAME/ folder. For more info as to how to edit the .css file run a
    search for css files on any internet search engine such as Google

    6. If you select text logo for your site then the text will be the same as your site title.
    To change the type of font, size, and color of the text logo you must edit class ""logo""
    in each *.css file located in your site scheme's.

    7. *************************************NOTE*************************************
    * *
    * *
    * ../Web Wiz Forum/ *
    * ../Web Wiz GuestBook/ *
    * *
    * *
    Note 1: If you decide to move your database from the default location in the folder ../db/
    you will need to update the database location in the following file!


    Read More Database Info Here:
    Note 2: By default I have set the date format for the calendar events to be mm/dd/yyyy .
    If you desire to change the date format to dd/mm/yyyy then all you need to do is
    set the variable blnMDY = False in the following file!


    If you experience any problems please post in the forum at

    Thank You For Downloading EzASPSite™
    -VSBrown :)
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    Q: Support
    Ahh, I'm having problems. Who can help?

    A: If you experience any problems and you can't find your answer in this FAQ, then please post in the forum at

    If You Have Any Comments Or Suggestions Please Feel Free To Post Them In The Forum:

    Donate To The EzASPSite™ Project If You Feel It Has Helped You In Anyway:

    Need An ASP Host To Run Your EzASPSite? Check Out Vebro Hosts.

    Need A Domain Name? Check Out JPDomains

    Sub-Domain Service To Host Your EzASPSite At
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    Q: EzASPSite Link Removal Info
    How do I remove the links at the bottom of the pages where it says EzASPSite and Web Wiz?

    A: Details:

    Purchase The EzASPSite™ Link Removal Key

    $10.00 USD : Purchase Here 

    If You Purchased The EzASPSite™ Link Removal Key, Then You Should Receive The Key By Email Within 24Hours. If You Do Not Receive The Key After 24Hours Then Send An Email Along With Your Transaction ID From The Paypal Receipt To The Contact Email Listed In The Receipt Sent To You From PayPal.

    EzASPSite wrote:

    Note 1: If you donate $10.00 USD or more to the EzASPSite project you will not automatically receive a link removal key. To obtain one you can contact us using the following URL: and include the details sent to you from PayPal in your receipt. We will then send the link removal key to you via email, so be sure you also include a good valid email.

    To obtain a link removal key for the Web Wiz Forums you must visit the following site to do so.

    Web Wiz Link Removal:
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    Q: Is there a demo?
    So what does it look like

    A: copy and paste this link into your browser address bar:

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    Q: What's the password
    Whats the administrator password so I can start making my site?

    A: The password to log in and start making your site is:
    Username: administrator
    Password: letmein

    Before you make your first page, you should change your password.
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    Q: When I log in, it goes to your demo site, Why
    When I log in to create a page, it goes to your demo site. Is this a bug?

    A: The common mistake is that people do not follow what is says after you install. Also when you upgrade you do not need to overwrite the database. So if it worked before then the address should still point to your site. On the front page of EzASPSite after you install on your server it says on the HOME PAGE the following:


    Add Your Contents For Home Page (default.asp) Here

    Thank You For Downloading EzASPSite™

    First Thing You Should Do Is Go To The Admin Section
    Click Here

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    Q: ODBC Drivers error '80004005'
    I'm getting this error, what could be the problem?

    "This error usually indicates that you did not set the appropriate permissions on the database. The security account used by the web server IIS service should have at least ""Write"" permissions on the database file (Note: You cannot set the permissions from within IIS, see below).

    To adjust the file permissions, you need to locate the file by using ""My computer"". Right click on the file, click on ""Properties"". Next, click on ""Security"". There are several user/system accounts listed, you'll need to modify the permissions for the account that the IIS web service uses (if you don't know, you can always add the user ""Everyone"" and give it ""Full Control"").

    IIS CONSOLE: You cannot use the IIS console to change the file permissions, the Access settings in the IIS console are not the same as ""File Permissions"". The settings in IIS only control what web browsers/internet users have access to (not file security).

    HOSTED SITES: If your website is hosted, you will need to contact your web host/ISP. They will be able to adjust the permissions for you.
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    Q: Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0131'
    I'm getting this error:

    Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0131'

    Disallowed Parent Path

    /admin/login.asp, line 3

    The Include file '../forum/common.asp' cannot contain '..' to indicate the parent directory

    A: Parent Paths is a 2003 server issue. However EzASPSite requires this to be enabled for it to work because instead of designing EzASPSite so it can just be installed in the root we used the process of calling parent paths so you can install it in subfolders etc;

    To Allow/Disallow Parent Paths Do The Following:

    1. Go to your IIS Manager
    2. Right click your web site
    3. Choose Properties >
    4. Select Home Directory Tab
    5. Click ‘Configuration’ button
    6. Select App Options Tab
    7. Check the Enable Parent Paths
    8. Click OK and your new configuration will be saved.

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    Q: Creating / Installing a site scheme
    Where can I get the original site images and also how can I create / install a site scheme?

    A: You can download the original buttons psd file from this link :

    To make a scheme you must do the following:

    1. Create custom buttons or use buttons that match from another application
    2. Create the default_style.css file with all the link colors etc; contained inside
    3. Make a folder called YOURSCHEMENAME and place in the folder forum/scheme/
    4. Make a folder called forum_images/ and place in YOURSCHEMENAME/ folder
    5. Place all custom buttons and images in the forum_images/ folder
    6. Place the default_style.css file in the YOURSCHEMENAME folder
    7. Go into the site admin and under the Scheme menu on the left select create scheme
    8. Put in all the custom colors and use YOURSCHEMENAME/ folder as the image path
    (Look at the others already created for an example)
    9. After all is done then you save in the create scheme page
    10. Go to the Management link under the Scheme section in the left menu of Admin and next to YOURSCHEMENAME select export.

    To package up your scheme you need to include the following:

    YOURSCHEME.ezs file which will be located in the ezs/ folder

    YOURSCHEMEFOLDER/ This has the default_style.css file and the forum_images/ folder in it along with all the image files for that scheme.

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    Q: Site Screen Width
    How can I change my site to be expandable to all users no matter what their screen size is?

    A: You can change your site screen width to allow your site to show a Fixed Width Screen or an Expandable Screen.

    Information: (Note 3 Of The UserGuide)

    Note 3: By default I have set the screen format to expandable width.
    If you desire to change the screen format to a fixed width then
    all you need to do is set the variable blnSetScreen = True in the
    following file!


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    Q: Delete A Page
    Why am I getting the following error when I try to delete a page from my site.

    Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a0046'

    Permission denied

    /forum/ezadmin/deletepage.asp, line 95

    A: Your read, write, delete permissions are not set up properly because in Windows Server 2003 the default setup does not enable this.

    More Info:

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    Q: Web Wiz Link Removal
    Does the EzASPSite link removal key remove Web Wiz Guestbook and Web Wiz Forum links?

    A: No, the EzASPSite link removal key only removes the "Powered By EzASPSite" links from the EzASPSite application.

    To remove Web Wiz Guestbook and Web Wiz Forum links you need to purchase a removal code from Web Wiz Guide.

    Web Wiz Guide :
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    Q: Security Code Images
    I am trying to log in to the Admin section of EzASPSite, but the security images will not show. I know I have uploaded them, but all I get is a red X image instead of the security code image. What am I doing wrong?

    A: The reason it does not show is because a component is missing on the server or the host has disabled the ADODB.Stream object on the server. On most FREE ASP HOSTING service's the ADODB.Stream object is disabled.

    Read Details :

    You most likely will have to try a different host if your host will not enable it.


    Vebro Hosts : :
    Web Wiz Hosts :
    Brinkster :
    UK Free Hosts :
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    Q: Upgrading From A Previous Version
    I have been using an older version of EzASPSite and now want to upgrade to the current version that has been released. Is there available downloads to accomplish this or what do I need to do?

    A: We highly recommend you get notifications of the new release so you can stay up to date with the lastest EzASPSite version.

    Read :

    Since we don't keep around all the previous updates you can either request it on the EzASPSite Support Forum ( and hope someone else may have it saved, or you can follow the directions listed below.

    Upgrading from a version that is more than one previous old is a little time consuming, however it can be done.

    - Download the full current release : (
    - Read the History file :
    - Change/upload all the files that have been discussed from YOUR RUNNING VERSION to current
    - Copy the new fields from the new Ez.mdb with the current version and paste into your exisiting database. (SAVE A COPY OF YOUR DATABASE PRIOR TO DOING THIS)

    So it can be done, but is a very challenging task.

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    Q: Page Cannot Be Displayed HTTP 500
    What is wrong? I am getting page cannot be displayed, but I know that the page is there. What do I need to do?

    A: This is a very general error. If you receive this error when trying to run an ASP script with no error message or line number then you need to turn off Friendly HTTP Error Messages in Internet Explorer so you can get details on what is causing the error.

    If you are not sure how then read the Turn Off Friendly HTTP Error Messages in IE page.

    Read :
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    Q: Page Rank Support
    I have questions concerning the Page Rank feature. Where can I get answers and help?

    A: Since we have not developed the PageRank feature included with EzASPSite, but simply included it with permission from the author, you can contact the author for more specific questions at the following location.

    For support please refer to their website :

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    Q: Migrate Web Wiz Forum to EzASPSite
    Is there any way to migrate my Web Wiz Forum database to EzASPSite without losing any data or memberships?

    A: Yes, you can migrate your existing Web Wiz Forum v7.xx to EzASPSite by using our migration script.

    For download and instructions please refer to the following link:
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    Q: Type mismatch: 'CDate'
    When I try to use the Forum or the Calendar in EzASPSite I receive the following error.

    Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a000d'

    Type mismatch: 'CDate'

    What do I do?

    A: This is a problem that is commonly caused by not having the right LCID code set for your server. Meaning that if I am using servers hosted in the UK then I have to place a UK LCID code.

    Try to go into the common.asp file located in the forum/ folder and also one located in the forum/admin folder. Edit the file and look around the top for the following:

    'Set the date time format to your own if you are getting a CDATE error
    'Session.LCID = 1033

    Remove the ' in front of the second line above and try to run your site. If that doesn't work then locate your proper LCID code based on where your server is physically located and insert your four number code there.

    Here is a list of LCID codes for different server locations.
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    Q: Number Of Homepage News Articles
    Is there anyway to change the number of news articles that appear on the front (Homepage) of my site?

    A: Yes.

    By default the number of articles to show is set at 5. You can easily change the number by editing the following, which is line 56, in the functions/news.asp file.

    Edit line 56 and change the number to your desired number:

    intNewsItems = 5 'This is the number of news post to show on the Home Page
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    Q: The EzASPSite Download
    Where can I download a copy of EzASPSite? Does it cost money?

    A: You can download your own copy of EzASPSite by going here : You will need to register with a valid email address in order for an activation code to be sent to you.
    NOTE: and email addresses are not accepted in the registration system!
    NOTE: If you do not activate your registration within 30 minutes of signup, our automated system will delete your information and therefore you will need to register again.

    As for the cost of EzASPSite it is 100% FREE! The only thing we ask is that you leave all links to EzASPSite intact. The links can however be removed via a link removal code if you donate a minimum of $10 USD. To donate visit here :
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    Q: Changing Date Format In Calendar
    I was wondering if there is a way to change the date format in the calender from mm/dd/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy?

    A: Yes,

    Read the User Guide and look at Note : 2

    User Guide :


    Note 2: By default I have set the date format for the calendar events to be mm/dd/yyyy .
    If you desire to change the date format to dd/mm/yyyy then all you need to do is
    set the variable blnMDY = False in the following file!



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    Q: Scheme Import Error
    I am trying to import a scheme and I get the following error:

    Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a0009'

    Subscript out of range: '[number: 67]'

    /forum/admin/functions/functions_scheme.asp, line 141

    A: Usually this problem occurs if you are running more that one copy of EzASPSite on your server or you are also running one or more copies of Web Wiz Forums on your server.

    Another possibility is that you are on a shared server that does not set separate application pools or you are using a free ASP Hosting service.

    Read More:
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    Q: Could not use '(unknown)'; file already in use
    How do I correct the following error? What is it caused by?


    Microsoft JET Database Engine error '80004005'

    Could not use ''; file already in use.

    A: This is a bit of an odd error that I have never received myself but have been asked about on a number of occasions. It usually means that either incorrect permissions are set on the server or the incorrect version of MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components) is installed on the server or the version is not correctly installed. You need to ensure the ODBC version you have is 4 or greater.

    If you are running the web server yourself then read the FAQ, Checking and Setting up the Correct Permissions on the Server and the FAQ on, Checking you have the correct ODBC Access Database Drivers.

    If you are not running the server yourself you will need to contact your web space provider and ask them how to sort the problem out.
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    Q: New Created Pages Use Another Pages Information
    I am trying to create a new page and when I do the page is created, but it contains the contents of a previous created page.

    What is wrong? What can I do to solve this?

    A: This is a very common occurence on sites that have many created pages. It has been noticed usually when a site reaches 30-50 pages.

    What you need to do is before you create any new page you should run the Compact Database feature in the EzASPSite Admin section. This will make sure that your newly created page is ordered as the last page in the left menu of pages.
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