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Dec. 30, 2003
EzASPSite™ featured in the eDevCafe Newsletter. Read the newsletter here: eDevCafe
EzASPSite™ News
September 25, 2005
EzASPSite™ v2.0 RC3a Released!
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Welcome To EzASPSite™

EzASPSite™ is a simple to install complete basic ASP WebSite that can be easily adapted to fit your Website needs. It contains all the basics to get your very own ASP driven website up and running in minutes.

Powered by the great Web Wiz Forums and GuestBook. It is ideal for anyone who is looking to create a personal or business website. It also can be used as a community portal with a membership capability developed off the Web Wiz Forums core. The integrated html editor makes it easy for those with little html experience to easily design webpages for their site.

This is the best way to get started off with your own website and have the capabilities to continually expand from.

Thank you for your interest in the development and progress of EzASPSite™

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